The Thinkers Insider is designed for a community who want to be a part of something reciprocal, where they can give and get. Members of  Thinkers Insider will will earn points on purchases that will allow them to enjoy benefits ranging from deeply discounted access to the worlds finest bar tools to home visits from our mixologists to private gatherings with noted thinkers to gin blending sessions and much more. And, when members use their points we will donate to a charity they have a voice in selecting. This is much more than a lifestyle club.

Thinkers Insider Benefits

Free On Joining

Thinkers Insider customer club members get free delivery on their first order

Our Points are Valuable

All of your product purchases entitle you to points that are good for purchases from our Insider Exclusive Rewards Store. The value of the points you are awarded ranges from 7% to 12% of your purchases depending on your tier (see below), so for example if you are a Platinum Member at 10% you would be awarded 1 point for every 10 NIS of your purchases, with each point worth 1 NIS toward your purchases. These products are available for purchase with points only (although you can purchase points if you find yourself short). The products here change from time to time, but below are some are the highlights. Additionally, each time you use your points we will make a donation equal to 10% of the value of the points you used to Alyn Hospital. You can even donate your points directly if you wish. To see all of our current offerings go to the Insider Exclusive Rewards Shop.

Cocktail Kingdom Bar Tools: Cocktail Kingdom is the manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality bar tools in the world, and Thinkers are their exclusive representative in Israel. We buy Cocktail Kingdom products at steep discounts off the retail prices and pass the savings on to you, but you can only purchase these products at dicounted prices by using your Thinkers Insider points. Click here for the Cocktail Kingdom bar tools we currently have available in Israel.

Private Events at the Distillery: The Thinkers Distillery has been used for everything from company events, engagement and birthday parties to family reunions and awards ceremonies. Contact us for details and prices.

Thinkers Mixologist Event at Your Home: Organize a cocktail mixing class or a special event featuring a cocktail bar at your home using your points. Contact us for details.

Membership Tiers

Thinkers has four membership tiers that are reached through the accumulation of purchases as follows:

Silver: This is the first tier you are awarded upon joining the Insider Club, and in addition to the joining benefits described above you will receive points equal to 7% of all your purchases.

Gold: You reach this tier if you make at least 1,000 NIS of purchases in any 12 month period, and with this you will receive points equal to 8% of all your purchases.

Platinum: You reach this tier if you make at least 3,000 NIS of purchases in any 12 month period, and with this you will receive points equal to 10% of all your purchases. You’ll also get a free emergency delivery by taxi of one order a year.

Friend for Life: You reach this tier if you make at least 6,000 NIS of purchases in any 12 month period, and with this you will receive points equal to 12% of all your purchases. You’ll also get free emergency deliveries by taxi of three orders per year plus a free mixologists visit to your home for a group of up to 10.

Thinkers Tribe Events

Thinkers Thinking Events at the Distillery: Periodically we invite Thinkers from every walk of life to have special closed-door sessions in the distillery that is open for members only. Archeology, music, science and even Kabbalah Thinkers are featured. A great opportunity to enjoy a rewarding evening and meet your fellow Thinkers.

Social Impact

Thinkers firmly believes in supporting societal needs. We will contribute an amount equal to 10% of all the purchases you make from the Insider Exclusive Rewards Store to ALYNovation, the R&D division of the ALYN Hospital that works with entrepreneurs and inventors to identify and develop cutting edge innovations that can benefit children with physical disabilities around the world.